What is a windshield bully?

A windshield bully is a shady auto glass repairman who tries to force their services on car owners that do not actually need auto glass or windshield repair. They often prey upon car owners in parking lots, at car washes, and even at home. They will typically approach the car owner claiming that their is auto glass damage on their car that they can replace for cheap. They will sometimes claim that their are new state laws that guarantee them a free windshield replacement.

Windshield bullies should be completely avoided for a number of reasons. First, they typically recommend that you get an auto glass repair that you do not actually need. Their services are typically sub-par and will often need to be redone by  a professional. Also, they will promise that your insurance will cover the service 100%. Unfortunately, you will probably find that your insurance company cannot help you with the illegitimate service. Avoid speaking to any door-to-door salesmen offering auto glass services. Also, always speak to your insurance company to make sure you are actually covered for auto glass services.


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