rear windshield

What are the Lines on My Rear Windshield For?

Whether you’ve been driving for 6 months or 30 years, you’ve most likely noticed the lines on your rear windshield and wondered what they were for. Sure, they’re great for assisting with parallel parking or backing up along a curb, but what is their real function?

What are the lines for?

The lines on your rear windshield are actually there to help defrost the windshield. Small electrical currents run along the lines to keep your windshield clear and clean and to make driving easier and safer. Because of these lines, replacing your rear windshield is a little different than replacing your front windshield. If you do experience damage to your rear windshield and need to replace it, our team at Carolina Windshield Centers is here to help!

How is a Rear Windshield Made?

The rear windshield of a car is actually made from tempered glass, contrary to popular belief. The same goes for your side windows. The rear windshield is also strengthened by a thermal or chemical treatment so that it can withstand blunt force. If your rear windshield does break, it will break into tiny chunks instead of large shards, making it safer for those within the vehicle.