Summer Driving Challenges

  • The summer means that more people are out on the road enjoying the nice weather, traveling to vacation spots, and just getting out of the house. Not only are there more people in general, but there are also more teenagers out on the road. Unfortunately, teens are not as experienced at driving as adult drivers. Car accidents among teens increase during the summer months.
  • Not only are there more people driving during the summer, but there are also more pedestrians. There are more runners, joggers, walker, cyclists, and motorcycle riders. There are also more children outside because they are off school.
  • North Carolina has especially hot and humid summers. Car troubles are apt to occur in these conditions. The heat can cause tire blowouts in well used tires. Replace your tires in the summer or leading up to it if you have not done so in a while.
  • Water pumps for our car’s cooling system can break in the hot weather. To avoid this happening, have a mechanic check it out. They can probably tell if it is close to breaking.
  • Have a mechanic check your radiator to make sure it is in good condition for the summer. Although this is a bigger problem in areas that get snow (because the salt does damage to the radiator), it is worth checking for leaks.
  • Change your coolant before the really hot months hit if it has been over 60,000 miles since the last change.


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