Safe Driving Tips for Fall

Every season brings its own challenges when it comes to driving. So why would Fall be any different? During the fall season, many drivers take to the road for back to school, so you can expect more young drivers on the road in the morning and afternoon.

Fall weather brings certain dangers to driving. Fall is typically a rainy season – couple this with leaves on the road and you can quickly lose control of your car and get into an accident. In order to avoid this, keep an eye on big patches of road covered in leaves. Slow down before you get to the leaves to stay in control.

Fog is also common during the fall season- especially in the morning. You are better off using your low beams driving through fog – high beams cause glare.

Deer are most active during the fall. Avoid deer collision by staying focused and watching for deer crossing signs.

Back to school means more drivers, especially young drivers, on the road. There may also be school buses on the road during your morning commute so you should leave yourself more time in the morning.


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