The Risks of Texting and Driving

Texting and driving, which can also be referred to as “distracted driving”, is one of the most dangerous activities you can do on the road. But unfortunately, many drivers do it! According to the Washington Post, 49% of adult drivers admit to texting and driving, with similar numbers found among teen drivers. And texting and driving isn’t the extent of the issue; distracted driving includes eating, using your phone for other uses, and attending to your children. All forms of distracted driving are dangerous, and are leading causes of motor accidents.

341,000 crashes in the U.S. in 2013 involved texting and driving. In 2012, the NHTSA reported that 18% of all fatal crashes in the U.S. were caused by texting while driving. On average, drivers take five seconds to send a text message. Five seconds of travel at highway speed will cause you to travel 300 feet.

One of the best things for adult drivers to do is to lead by example. Teens and children are highly impressionable and in many cases will follow the lead of adults. Put the phone away when you take the wheel to set a good example for younger people. Also, if you have teenage children, advise them on the risks of texting and driving.


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The Development of Auto Glass

In 1903, French chemist Edouard Benedictus dropped a beaker filled with dried cellulose nitrate. The glass broke, but it did not shatter. The cellulose nitrate kept the pieces of glass bonded together. Benedictus had invented what would later become the base for laminated safety auto glass. While laminated auto glass wouldn’t be used in automobiles until several decades later, it was becoming apparent that automobiles needed some form of glass to protect the driver’s vision on the road. It was also becoming clear that standard glass that you put in your home’s windows was not going to cut it. Regular glass shatters when broken. This was causing a major issue for early drivers because a simple crack in the windshield would cause severe injuries when the glass shattered.

In the very early days of automobiles, windshields were often sold as an accessory with the vehicle. It was considered more of a luxury to have an enclosed automobile than not. As time went on, however, the frequency of accidents increased and automakers started including auto glass as a default feature. Manufacturers like Henry Ford began putting laminated windshields into his cars and tempered glass in the side and back windows. In the 1960s, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) was formed, and safety glass was made a legal requirement for all motor vehicles.


Carolina Windshield Centers is a leading auto glass repair shop. For more information about our windshield replacement services, contact our Charlotte, NC auto glass shop at 800-900-1505.

The effect of summer heat on your windshield

Damages to your car windshield can occur at any time of the year. In particular, the summer months can pose a serious threat to your windshield. The main reason for this is due to the constant fluctuation in temperature, whether it’s from the cool summer nights to the blistering summer days, or even the contrasting temperature created by the cool air from the air conditioning unit and the heat from the outside.

Here is a few points of interest that drivers should pay attention to if they want keep up the quality of the windshield and avoid any serious damage.

  • Take care of any existing cracks: The hot temperatures can cause the windshield less stable, which puts more pressure on any existing cracks or chips in the windshield. Be sure to repair any cracks in the windshield before they expand, becoming an even bigger problem.
  • Glass Expanding: Cracking or Chipping of the windshield happens more often in the summer months than any other time of the year. This is because of how the windshield expands in the heat, making the structure of the windshield more fragile within the frame. Avoid slamming the doors when entering or exiting the car, slamming of the doors will put added pressure on to the windshield causing additional cracks.
  • Running the AC on High: Running your air conditioning on high will create a temperature difference between the temperature of the interior and exterior of the windshield, this will have a negative impact on the integrity of the windshield. It is recommended that the driver should gradually increase the setting of the air conditioner instead of turning it on high immediately.

Accidents and damages to your car do happen, but there are steps that can be taken to avoid any future problems to your windshield. Taking these precautionary measures can help your windshield last longer. Contact one of our shops for more information about protect your auto glass. We have shops in Charlotte, Greensboro, and Hickory, NC.

How do I avoid damaging my side mirrors?

Breaking your side mirrors is one of those weird accidents that you could maybe be a part of once in your life. There are only a few ways that side mirror damage is likely to occur.

  • One way that side mirrors commonly get damaged is pulling out of a parking space in reverse or pulling into a tight spot without actually being able to fit.
  • Another way that side mirrors get damaged is when the driver doesn’t fold in the mirrors when going through an older car wash. Not every car wash does this anymore, but some facilities still require it.
  • Parking in unsafe areas prone to vandalism is another easy way to get your side mirrors damaged.
  • Additionally, parking in highly congested areas with a lot of street parking increases the likeliness of breaking your side mirrors. You should always fold in your side mirrors when you are parking on a street with heavy street parking.
  • Do not use abrasive cleaners, or ammonia or alcohol based cleaners, when cleaning auto glass. Also, use a microfiber towel meant for cleaning glass so that you do not scratch any of the glass.
  • Another tip for protecting your side mirrors is to avoid using the power to move them too much. Don’t let kids play with the controls too much because that will burn out the electronics.


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Summer Driving Challenges

  • The summer means that more people are out on the road enjoying the nice weather, traveling to vacation spots, and just getting out of the house. Not only are there more people in general, but there are also more teenagers out on the road. Unfortunately, teens are not as experienced at driving as adult drivers. Car accidents among teens increase during the summer months.
  • Not only are there more people driving during the summer, but there are also more pedestrians. There are more runners, joggers, walker, cyclists, and motorcycle riders. There are also more children outside because they are off school.
  • North Carolina has especially hot and humid summers. Car troubles are apt to occur in these conditions. The heat can cause tire blowouts in well used tires. Replace your tires in the summer or leading up to it if you have not done so in a while.
  • Water pumps for our car’s cooling system can break in the hot weather. To avoid this happening, have a mechanic check it out. They can probably tell if it is close to breaking.
  • Have a mechanic check your radiator to make sure it is in good condition for the summer. Although this is a bigger problem in areas that get snow (because the salt does damage to the radiator), it is worth checking for leaks.
  • Change your coolant before the really hot months hit if it has been over 60,000 miles since the last change.


Carolina Windshield Centers is a leading auto glass repair shop. For more information about our windshield replacement services, contact our Charlotte, NC auto glass shop at 800-900-1505.

Four Tips for Cleaning your Auto Glass

Your windows and windshield are often the first thing to show signs of dirt on your car. Here are a few tips to keeping your auto glass streak free and sparkling clean all year round.

  1. Choose a good Auto Glass cleaner. The most important thing when cleaning your auto glass is the cleaner itself. When choosing a product there is a few important things to keep in mind. Avoid products containing ammonia and alcohol, these products can not only be dangerous to inhale but also damaging to your car. Ammonia can cause damage to the interior of your car, drying out leather and other fabrics, as well as the tinting on your windows. Avoid using household cleaners on your auto glass almost all of which contain ammonia or alcohol.


  1. Choose a good towel. After the cleaner comes the towel. It is important to use the proper towel to avoid leaving streaks or scratches on your window. Choose a glass cleaning microfiber towel, many of which can hold up to 8 times their weight in water, are lint free, and won’t hold onto dirt and other debris like other towels which causes scratches. Also remember to use a separate towel (or separate side of towel) to clean the window and another to buff to make sure you get rid of all the residue.


  1. Find a good place to clean. Where you choose to clean your auto glass may also make all the difference. Avoid washing your windows in direct sunlight or very hot conditions. If you are cleaning in direct sunlight the glass could dry quicker than you are washing resulting in a streaky appearance. Also make sure you are cleaning in an open area, either outside or with the windows open if you are in a garage, to avoid inhaling dangerous fumes.


  1. Clean in order. When cleaning your car make sure your glass is the last thing you clean in order to avoid recontamination. To avoid getting spray other places than intended spray the cleaner directly onto your towel rather than the glass. Also don’t forget those tricky places like the top of your windows, try rolling down your windows half way to reach the very top of them. Another area that is often over looked is the wipers, wipe them down with a damp cloth and white vinegar to avoid blurry spots from your wipers.


Carolina Windshield Centers is a leading auto glass repair shop. For more information about our windshield replacement services, contact our Charlotte, NC auto glass shop at 800-900-1505.

How to tell that you need to change your windshield wipers

Your windshield wipers are like any other part of your car: they wear out. It is important to regularly change your windshield wipers so that you have optimal driving vision during stormy weather. The rule of thumb is that windshield wipers should be changed every 6 months to a year.

There are a few key giveaways that indicate you have a faulty windshield wiper that needs to be changed out immediately:

  • They create big streaks while they are running. They can’t fully wipe away water like when they were new because the rubber cannot create a seal with the windshield.
  • The wipers “skip” across the windshield while they are running. Rather than creating streaks, the windshield wipers leave lines of water where they skipped across the glass. Another way to identify this problem is if the wipers make a stuttering sound as they move across your windshield.
  • When driving at high speeds, the wipers slightly pull away from the windshield. The wipers should always be making a tight seal with the windshield.
  • At close inspection, you can always tell if a windshield wiper needs to be replaced because you will see the rubber peeling away.

Your windshield wipers are important to your optimal driving vision. Regularly replace your windshield wipers so that you always have the best possible driving vision during rain and snow storms.

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How to Keep your Windshield Healthy Over Time

When you drive away from Carolina Windshield Centers, your new (or repaired) windshield is as strong and safe as possible. However, over time, your windshield will eventually be compromised and crack. You can avoid letting this happen too quickly by being smart with your auto glass. Here are a few tips to follow in order to keep your windshield in good condition.

  • Avoid slamming your car doors. Not only is this bad for your car doors, but this is actually quite damaging to the auto glass in your car. The reverberations cause small amounts of damage every time the door is slammed.
  • Intense heat is also very bad for your auto glass and windshield. Whenever possible, you should park in shady areas. Additionally, it is not good to expose your auto glass to quickly changing temperatures. If you windshield already has a crack in it, avoid turning the heat on to the windshield during the winter. This can stress out the crack and make it even worse.
  • Whenever cleaning your auto glass, avoid using ammonia based cleaners. These are damaging to your auto glass and can make the tint of the glass much less strong. And always use a microfiber towel so that you will not leave any scratches on the glass while you clean it.

The key to keeping your auto glass safe is to avoid extreme temperatures, use the right cleaning products, and avoid slamming your car doors.

Carolina Windshield Centers is a leading auto glass repair shop. For more information about our windshield replacement services, contact our Charlotte, NC auto glass shop at 800-900-1505.

Spring Driving Tips

Each season brings their own unique challenges to driving. In the springtime, worn out roads and heavy rains cause difficulties for the driver. Keep your eyes peeled and follow these tips to stay safe on the road this spring:

  • Be aware that more people will be on the road. Nicer weather brings out motorcyclists, skateboarders, cyclists, and other recreational vehicles. Also, more people travel in nice weather, so there are more drivers in general on the road.
  • Spring rains make for slick driving conditions. Wet pavement causes decreased handling abilities and increased slowdown time. Prepare to stop earlier than normal when driving in these conditions.
  • Avoid driving into large puddles. Puddles can cause you to hydroplane and lose control of the automobile. Driving into a very deep puddle can also cause the engine to seize as water can get sucked into the engine.
  • Keep an eye out for wild life emerging from hibernation. Many animals are found traveling across streets during this time of the year. Heed the warning if you see any warning signs about animal crossings.
  • The spring season brings misty and foggy conditions. Drive slowly in these conditions because your vision is limited.

As we enjoy the warmer weather around this time of the year, stay aware of the unique driving conditions found in the spring season.


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