mom friendly vehicle features

Mom-Friendly Vehicle Features

Each and every day, moms are driving the kids to school, waiting in the pick-up line, running errands, making dinner, and everything in between. To make their lives easier, vehicle manufacturers are starting to incorporate new technology and mom-friendly features into cars. If you’re in the market for a new vehicle and have a couple of your own children running around, keep your eye out for their mom-friendly features.

Hands-Free Lift Gate

Whether your hands are full of kids and groceries or it’s raining out and the kids are done at football practice, having a hands-free lift gate will make putting away groceries easier as well as help avoid injuries from the trunk closing on little fingers. Most newer model vehicles not only have a button to lift the truck automatically on the clicker and near the driver’s seat, but some also have a sensor under the rear bumper so all you have to do is wave your foot to get it to open.

In-Seat Storage

If you’ve ever had children in your car or traveled with them, you know how much stuff they have. With in-seat storage, you’re able to save truck space for the larger items and keep smaller items, such as sports equipment, snacks and water, changes of clothes, and toys neatly tucked away in the seats of your car.

Entertainment System

Keeping kids entertained for short or long periods of time in such a small space. With an in-car entertainment system, such as TV screens mounted on the ceiling or in the backs of the driver and passenger headrests, you can put on a movie for the kids and keep them entertained for hours!