How to tell that you need to change your windshield wipers

Your windshield wipers are like any other part of your car: they wear out. It is important to regularly change your windshield wipers so that you have optimal driving vision during stormy weather. The rule of thumb is that windshield wipers should be changed every 6 months to a year.

There are a few key giveaways that indicate you have a faulty windshield wiper that needs to be changed out immediately:

  • They create big streaks while they are running. They can’t fully wipe away water like when they were new because the rubber cannot create a seal with the windshield.
  • The wipers “skip” across the windshield while they are running. Rather than creating streaks, the windshield wipers leave lines of water where they skipped across the glass. Another way to identify this problem is if the wipers make a stuttering sound as they move across your windshield.
  • When driving at high speeds, the wipers slightly pull away from the windshield. The wipers should always be making a tight seal with the windshield.
  • At close inspection, you can always tell if a windshield wiper needs to be replaced because you will see the rubber peeling away.

Your windshield wipers are important to your optimal driving vision. Regularly replace your windshield wipers so that you always have the best possible driving vision during rain and snow storms.

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