How to Maintain Your Headlights

Does your once clear headlights look like they are covered in wax paper now? Maintain the life of your vehicle by learning how to buff and clean your headlights! By learning how to check your headlights for any damages, you’ll be able save money and approach the task yourself!

Most headlights are made out of polycarbonate plastic which is scratch resistant and durable but tends to cloud overtime. The polycarbonate starts to get cloudy due mostly due to the UV rays that degrade the outside layer of the plastic. Also regular road grit and grim can make the headlights look dirty and hazy.  Luckily, headlights can be restored to their original condition easily with some elbow grease and with the products available in the market today. First, prep your headlights for a good clean by wiping as much grime off as possible with a glass cleaner or with some soap. Look for yellowing, this happens when the hard coating starts to thin out and lose adhesion to the polycarbonate lens. If your headlights are made out of glass, its best to get a professional to take a look at it.

After drying the area, use painter’s tape to tape around the headlights so you don’t sand your car’s paint.  The next step to maintaining your headlights is sanding the outer layer of haze. This is a crucial step in cleaning your headlights, so do it thoroughly. When finished, the entire headlight should be clear of any yellowing and have an even, dull surface. The third step is to polish your headlights. A fine polish will buff away the sandpaper’s scratches and make your headlights look clear again. The last step to restoring your headlights is using a UV sealant. When sanding your headlights, it removes any protective layer that was originally applied to the headlights. It’s best to seal a protective layer on your headlights again with a UV sealant. This will help extend the life of your headlights and you won’t have to worry about your headlights getting hazy any time soon!

Now, it should be easier to approach the task of maintaining your headlights with these steps! If you are in need of a professional to examine your headlights, contact Carolina Windshield Center today!

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