windshield replacement

How to Care for a Newly Replaced Windshield

After having your windshield replaced, taking the proper steps towards maintaining your new windshield will keep your windshield in great condition and will help it last as long as possible. After installation, make sure to follow these tips.

For the First Hour…

Wait At Least 45-Minutes to Drive

After having your windshield replaced, wait at least 45-minutes to drive your car to allow the adhesive used to hold the glass in place to set and dry. This adhesive creates a strong, waterproof seal around the glass. Your technician will remind you of this when they are done replacing your windshield. Be sure to also keep an eye out for glass pieces in your car. Your technician will clean up after the replacement, but it’s always good to be extra careful.

For the First Two Days…

Leave the Window Cracked

When you close your windows, the air pressure in your car builds up and after a windshield replacement, the pressure can put extra stress on the adhesive seal around the glass. To help avoid this pressure from building up, leave your window cracked an inch.

Don’t Remove the Retention Tape

After your windshield is replaced, the technician will place retention tape to help hold the moldings of your windshield in place while it dries. To help keep the adhesive protected from the elements as it dries, leave the tape in place for a day or two.

Avoid Car Washes

For the first day or two after a windshield replacement, avoid going through the car wash and any power washers to help avoid damage or shifting on the new moldings on your new windshield.

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