How Does the Auto Glass Repair Process Work

We do not recommend you change your windshield yourself as it is an intricate process. Most windshields are now integrated as part of your vehicles structural support. Improper installation could lead to devastating results in an accident. You could lose functionality as well if your windshield is more advanced with built-in antennas or defrosting lines. We advise you to take your cracked windshield to a service professional who is trained on how to do the job right. We will cover what there is to be expected during your windshield’s repair process.

The service center will have your windshield type in stock, if not, they can have it ordered and in the shop within a few days. If the windshield you need is in stock and they are able to get started on your job right away, here is what they will do while you wait:

  1. Preparation

With protective gloves, all items attached to the windshield will be detached – windshield wipers, mirror, stickers, etc. The seats, dashboard, and anything in between will be covered and protected.


  1. Removal of the windshield

With the appropriate tools, the glass of the windshield will be separated from the rubber gasket and frame. Some service centers have machines that do all the hard work for them. With suction cups, the machine can take the windshield out and move the new one back into place aligned with the frame with a swift motion. If the windshield is being replaced manually, it is a several person job – one individual on the inside pushing it outwards, while the outsiders are removing the heavy glass.


  1. Clean the area

The area where the rubber gasket and glue are to lay must be thoroughly cleaned. The rubber gasket then needs to be checked thoroughly for any breakage. If there is breakage, it needs to be replaced. If the gasket is fine, the frame needs to be wiped down for any rust or dirt.


  1. Place windshield back on

A sealant is typically placed around the frame where the windshield will be placed and the gasket in preparation to put the new windshield into place. Slowly, the new windshield is guided back into place, pressed down firmly into the frame.


  1. Clean

Wipe away any excess sealant and clean the entire glass before giving back to the customer.


Now that you are fully aware of the windshield replacement process, you can see how intricate it can be, especially when worked on alone. Your best bet is to invest in the service and have it done by a professional who can keep your windshield in excellent condition, also aligned with safety prosecutions.