How do I avoid damaging my side mirrors?

Breaking your side mirrors is one of those weird accidents that you could maybe be a part of once in your life. There are only a few ways that side mirror damage is likely to occur.

  • One way that side mirrors commonly get damaged is pulling out of a parking space in reverse or pulling into a tight spot without actually being able to fit.
  • Another way that side mirrors get damaged is when the driver doesn’t fold in the mirrors when going through an older car wash. Not every car wash does this anymore, but some facilities still require it.
  • Parking in unsafe areas prone to vandalism is another easy way to get your side mirrors damaged.
  • Additionally, parking in highly congested areas with a lot of street parking increases the likeliness of breaking your side mirrors. You should always fold in your side mirrors when you are parking on a street with heavy street parking.
  • Do not use abrasive cleaners, or ammonia or alcohol based cleaners, when cleaning auto glass. Also, use a microfiber towel meant for cleaning glass so that you do not scratch any of the glass.
  • Another tip for protecting your side mirrors is to avoid using the power to move them too much. Don’t let kids play with the controls too much because that will burn out the electronics.


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