Gorilla Glass Could Be Used in Automobiles

Gorilla Glass, which, if you own a smartphone, might be in your pocket or purse right now, could be making its way into your car as well. The glass, made by Corning, is a chemically-strengthened glass that is used by most major smartphone manufacturers.

The glass is very strong and durable, and at the same time lightweight. This makes Gorilla Glass perfect for smartphones, but Corning claims it would be an ideal material for windshields as well. Automakers are always looking to make their vehicles lighter to improve fuel efficiency, which is one of the most important selling points for automobiles in today’s market. The lightweight Gorilla Glass would help automakers improve upon this point. Additionally, as more vehicles use heads up displays, the optics friendly Gorilla Glass would be advantageous for windshields.

While Gorilla Glass has clear advantages, the costs are much higher than normal windshields. Production costs on a mass scale would put be substantially increased. Corning says it is most likely several years off until Gorilla Glass is seen in automobiles.


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