Do you need full auto glass coverage?

Full auto glass coverage is a type of insurance package that completely covers your costs in the case of windshield or auto glass damage.

Most basic auto insurance packages do not cover auto glass damage. Some packages with collision insurance will cover auto glass damage, however that is not always the case. Most insurance companies will include full auto glass coverage with their comprehensive plans. Many states require windshield coverage to be included with comprehensive plans. But you should always check with your insurance company to find out how extensive your insurance is.

If you do not have comprehensive insurance, you can probably pay a rider to your insurance company that will include auto glass and windshield damage in your coverage. It is up to you to decide if you need full auto glass coverage. How often do you have to replace or repair your windshield? Would the costs of a potential auto glass replacement outweigh the cost of insurance? Check with your insurance company to find out the current state of your auto glass coverage and find out more about the costs of full auto glass coverage.


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