What is OEM Glass?

OEM glass is Original Equipment Manufacturer glass. Every car manufacturer has their own specifications that they use when installing windshields and auto glass into their vehicles. When we install OEM glass into a vehicle, we are using a virtually identical piece of equipment to the originally installed auto glass.

Not All Windshields are Created Equally

To the untrained eye, all windshields may look the same, but each manufacturer uses slight variations in terms of visibility, size, thickness, etc. An OEM windshield will be virtually identical to the windshield installed in the vehicle when it was first assembled. OEM glass may not be made by the same manufacturer who made your vehicle’s original glass because the glass manufacturer may have changed since the vehicle was originally built. In this case, OEM glass will be made by the current manufacturer of your vehicle’s auto glass.

This is why it is so important for us to use OEM glass. Slight variations in windshields and auto glass make a big difference; we want to make sure that your replacement restores the same level of safety specifications that the manufacturer delivered. Carolina Windshield Centers uses Original Equipment Manufacturer glass in almost every windshield replacement for foreign and domestic vehicles.


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How Does the Auto Glass Repair Process Work

We do not recommend you change your windshield yourself as it is an intricate process. Most windshields are now integrated as part of your vehicles structural support. Improper installation could lead to devastating results in an accident. You could lose functionality as well if your windshield is more advanced with built-in antennas or defrosting lines. We advise you to take your cracked windshield to a service professional who is trained on how to do the job right. We will cover what there is to be expected during your windshield’s repair process.

The service center will have your windshield type in stock, if not, they can have it ordered and in the shop within a few days. If the windshield you need is in stock and they are able to get started on your job right away, here is what they will do while you wait:

  1. Preparation

With protective gloves, all items attached to the windshield will be detached – windshield wipers, mirror, stickers, etc. The seats, dashboard, and anything in between will be covered and protected.


  1. Removal of the windshield

With the appropriate tools, the glass of the windshield will be separated from the rubber gasket and frame. Some service centers have machines that do all the hard work for them. With suction cups, the machine can take the windshield out and move the new one back into place aligned with the frame with a swift motion. If the windshield is being replaced manually, it is a several person job – one individual on the inside pushing it outwards, while the outsiders are removing the heavy glass.


  1. Clean the area

The area where the rubber gasket and glue are to lay must be thoroughly cleaned. The rubber gasket then needs to be checked thoroughly for any breakage. If there is breakage, it needs to be replaced. If the gasket is fine, the frame needs to be wiped down for any rust or dirt.


  1. Place windshield back on

A sealant is typically placed around the frame where the windshield will be placed and the gasket in preparation to put the new windshield into place. Slowly, the new windshield is guided back into place, pressed down firmly into the frame.


  1. Clean

Wipe away any excess sealant and clean the entire glass before giving back to the customer.


Now that you are fully aware of the windshield replacement process, you can see how intricate it can be, especially when worked on alone. Your best bet is to invest in the service and have it done by a professional who can keep your windshield in excellent condition, also aligned with safety prosecutions.

How to Maintain Your Headlights

Does your once clear headlights look like they are covered in wax paper now? Maintain the life of your vehicle by learning how to buff and clean your headlights! By learning how to check your headlights for any damages, you’ll be able save money and approach the task yourself!

Most headlights are made out of polycarbonate plastic which is scratch resistant and durable but tends to cloud overtime. The polycarbonate starts to get cloudy due mostly due to the UV rays that degrade the outside layer of the plastic. Also regular road grit and grim can make the headlights look dirty and hazy.  Luckily, headlights can be restored to their original condition easily with some elbow grease and with the products available in the market today. First, prep your headlights for a good clean by wiping as much grime off as possible with a glass cleaner or with some soap. Look for yellowing, this happens when the hard coating starts to thin out and lose adhesion to the polycarbonate lens. If your headlights are made out of glass, its best to get a professional to take a look at it.

After drying the area, use painter’s tape to tape around the headlights so you don’t sand your car’s paint.  The next step to maintaining your headlights is sanding the outer layer of haze. This is a crucial step in cleaning your headlights, so do it thoroughly. When finished, the entire headlight should be clear of any yellowing and have an even, dull surface. The third step is to polish your headlights. A fine polish will buff away the sandpaper’s scratches and make your headlights look clear again. The last step to restoring your headlights is using a UV sealant. When sanding your headlights, it removes any protective layer that was originally applied to the headlights. It’s best to seal a protective layer on your headlights again with a UV sealant. This will help extend the life of your headlights and you won’t have to worry about your headlights getting hazy any time soon!

Now, it should be easier to approach the task of maintaining your headlights with these steps! If you are in need of a professional to examine your headlights, contact Carolina Windshield Center today!

What is a windshield bully?

A windshield bully is a shady auto glass repairman who tries to force their services on car owners that do not actually need auto glass or windshield repair. They often prey upon car owners in parking lots, at car washes, and even at home. They will typically approach the car owner claiming that their is auto glass damage on their car that they can replace for cheap. They will sometimes claim that their are new state laws that guarantee them a free windshield replacement.

Windshield bullies should be completely avoided for a number of reasons. First, they typically recommend that you get an auto glass repair that you do not actually need. Their services are typically sub-par and will often need to be redone by  a professional. Also, they will promise that your insurance will cover the service 100%. Unfortunately, you will probably find that your insurance company cannot help you with the illegitimate service. Avoid speaking to any door-to-door salesmen offering auto glass services. Also, always speak to your insurance company to make sure you are actually covered for auto glass services.


Carolina Windshield Centers is a leading auto glass repair shop. For more information about our windshield replacement services, contact our Charlotte, NC auto glass shop at 800-900-1505.

How to Get Better Mileage while Driving

Getting better mileage out of your car is a great way to save money while being environmentally conscious. Even when gas prices are relatively low, forming a habit of getting good mileage can pay off in the long run.

  • Learn to anticipate red lights and stop signs so that you can coast. Don’t waste the energy of a moving car slamming on your brakes at the last minute. Conserve kinetic energy by coasting to a stop whenever it is possible and safe.
  • Use cruise control while driving down long stretches of highway. Cruise control will help you avoid unnecessary braking, and will help you maintain a constant speed.
  • Popular Mechanics recommends that you should actually accelerate quickly from a dead stop instead of slowly moving up to full speed. Cars are less fuel efficient in lower gears.
  • Avoid idling whenever possible. Don’t leave your car running if you are just sitting in the car. Give the car 30 seconds to warm-up during the winter.

Follow these tips to get better mileage while driving.


Carolina Windshield Centers is a leading auto glass repair shop. For more information about our windshield replacement services, contact our Charlotte, NC auto glass shop at 800-900-1505.

Do you need full auto glass coverage?

Full auto glass coverage is a type of insurance package that completely covers your costs in the case of windshield or auto glass damage.

Most basic auto insurance packages do not cover auto glass damage. Some packages with collision insurance will cover auto glass damage, however that is not always the case. Most insurance companies will include full auto glass coverage with their comprehensive plans. Many states require windshield coverage to be included with comprehensive plans. But you should always check with your insurance company to find out how extensive your insurance is.

If you do not have comprehensive insurance, you can probably pay a rider to your insurance company that will include auto glass and windshield damage in your coverage. It is up to you to decide if you need full auto glass coverage. How often do you have to replace or repair your windshield? Would the costs of a potential auto glass replacement outweigh the cost of insurance? Check with your insurance company to find out the current state of your auto glass coverage and find out more about the costs of full auto glass coverage.


Carolina Windshield Centers is a leading auto glass repair shop. For more information about our windshield replacement services, contact our Charlotte, NC auto glass shop at 800-900-1505.

How is your windshield an important safety feature?

Car accidents can occur at any time, even if we are performing safe driving practices. Drivers can only prepare themselves to the best of their ability for when these accidents happen.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) reports that every year, more than 40,000 Americans are involved in fatal car accidents and more than 5 million Americans are involved in accidents that results in injuries on highway collisions. Of those fatal car accidents, 30 percent of accidents occur with the occupant being ejected from the vehicle. Fortunately there are steps that car owners can take to protect themselves and passengers from potential injuries. One of the most over looked safety features that car owners should consider are their windshields.

In most front end collisions, the windshield can provide up to 45 percent of the structural integrity of an automobile. The strength of the windshield is important for the structure of the vehicle’s cabin during collisions. In collisions that result in the vehicles to roll over, the windshield helps support the weight of the car which prevents the roof from caving in. Once the windshields integrity is compromised, the car then instantly loses one third of its strength. The most common cause of fatalities in roll over situations are injuries suffered to the head and car ejections.

Everyone knows that air bags are meant to protect the passengers from collisions but also laminated windshields are strong enough to support the force and speed that the airbags are deployed. On the passenger side, the airbags are deployed from the dashboard which then bounces of the windshield into the passenger.

To insure that the car will perform to the best of its ability in collisions, the car owner should keep the original factory installed windshield. Repairing the windshield as soon as damage is done will ensure that the factory seal is intact and that the integrity of car has not been compromised. Keeping the original seal of the car will also prevent any water leakage and air leakage in the cabin.


Carolina Windshield Centers is a leading auto glass repair shop. For more information about our windshield replacement services, contact our Charlotte, NC auto glass shop at 800-900-1505.

Should you have minor windshield damage repaired?

Minor windshield damage can be caused by any number of things including vandalism, rocks, and heavy weather. It is a very good idea to have minor windshield damage repaired as soon as it occurs. Minor windshield damage can spread very quickly from cold weather, stress from the changes in weather, and reverberations caused by things such as bumps in the road or slamming a door.

Getting your windshield repaired is one of the smartest things you can do if your windshield suffers only minor damage. If the windshield damage passes our necessary qualifications for a windshield repair, it is your most advantageous decision to go for a repair. Our windshield repair process is more affordable than our replacements and is also much faster. We can have your windshield repaired in about 30 minutes or less.

Many insurance companies also completely cover the cost of a windshield repair; whereas a windshield replacement would have a deductible. Another important factor is overall safety and the structural integrity of your car. Even a small crack in your windshield can significantly weaken the structural integrity of your vehicle, and weaken its ability to protect the driver and passengers in front end collisions.

For more information about windshield repair services, contact our Charlotte, NC auto glass shop at 800-900-1505.

How long does a windshield replacement take?

The windshield replacement process at Carolina Windshield Centers generally takes an industry-low two hours. This includes replacing the windshield and the wait time required for the adhesives to fully set.

The actual windshield replacement work takes about one hour. This includes removing the old windshield, clearing out any broken glass, and sealing in the new OEM windshield in with our Sika brand urethane adhesive. This service takes one hour in one of our shops or on location.

After the windshield replacement is complete, we require you to wait one hour for the Safe Drive Away Time. The Carolina Windshield Centers one hour Safe Drive Away Time is an industry low wait time. After the adhesive is applied at 180 degrees, it takes one hour for the adhesive to cool and completely set with the strongest seal.

For more information about our windshield replacements, contact our Charlotte, NC auto glass shop at 800-900-1505.

What Types of Vehicles can Carolina Windshield Centers Service?

The windshield is an important safety feature for all vehicles out on the road. The windshield helps protect the driver and passengers in accidents because it is a key structural component. It helps protect the cabin in front-end collisions; in some cases helping to absorb 50% of the force. In a similar respect, auto glass in general is important for the vehicle’s overall security and safety. Auto glass is important for many different types of vehicles’ safety and security systems. The is why Carolina Windshield Centers provides auto glass repairs and replacements for the following specialty vehicles: tractor trailers, buses, and motor homes.

Tractor trailer auto glass replacement requires specialized skill and equipment that Carolina Windshield Centers can deliver. Semi trucks spend many miles on the road, making the likeliness of damage that much higher. Our mobile repair technicians can travel to your trucking headquarters to deliver the services for your convenience.

We also provide auto glass repair and replacement services to buses. Auto glass for buses is an important part of their security system. Many buses use laminate or safety glass; our repair technicians are trained to service this glass effectively. Cracked or chipped auto glass can easily be broken further if the damage is not addressed right away. We service school buses, public transit buses, and coach buses with high-quality auto glass repair and replacement services.

We also service RVs and motor homes with auto glass repair and replacements. Auto glass is an essential part of keeping your motor home secure. You do not want to leave any chipped or cracked glass in your motor home, especially if you are to be heating or air conditioning the RV. Motor home windshields are particularly expensive as well. Get your windshield repaired as soon as damage starts to develop in order to avoid a full replacement.

Carolina Windshield Centers is a leading auto glass repair shop. For more information about our windshield replacement services, contact our Charlotte, NC auto glass shop at 800-900-1505.