How to Fix a Squeaky Car Window

Are you starting to notice that your windows are squeaking when being rolled up or down? The cause of this noise is the lubricant, applied originally by the manufacturer during the windows time of creation, that has slowly worn away. This is quite normal though because, after years of use, even individuals who take care of their automobile will likely encounter this scenario. Since this exact problem is going to happen to most vehicles, many automobile owners often find themselves discouraged before they realize that the solution is a fast and cheap fix that requires not much more than acquiring your own lubricant to apply to the loud window as well as a roll of paper towels or rag.

Those who seek to solve the issue themselves often believe that obtaining a lubricant is an easy task. And although it is in and of itself, it is important to make sure that you do not use any oily or petroleum-based lubricant. Those who do so will find that they have allowed dirt and dust to be captured which develops into a problem as time goes by. When trying to lubricate your squeaky window Dry moly lubricants, such as spray silicone grease, are often what is recommended by professionals due to the simple fact that it is safe to be used on the various materials located inside of a car door.

Steps to Take

The first step to fixing your window is to roll down each window inside of your automobile as far as they will go. Then next, spray your moly lubricant inside the rubber seal on both sides of the window frame, starting on the top of the window frame before moving down. It is okay if any extra lubricant slides down into the seal only if it is placed evenly down the window’s vertical all the way down into the bottom corner.

After a few minutes find whichever window you had completed first and roll it up. Do not be alarmed if the sound is still audible at first as it will become more and more quiet with each time it goes up and time. Make sure to move not only this window but all of the others that you have treated up and down several times.

If the squeaking does not cease after you have completed these steps, it is recommended to spray the lubricant inside the window just as you did before except this time the window will remain up. By doing this you ensure that when the window rolls downward an optimal amount of lubricant will be placed strategically in order to have the most impact.

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How To Clean Car Windows

Most individuals who have cleaned their car windows know the struggle of doing so without leaving behind any streaks. Having a streak-free window after cleaning does not take massive amounts of effort as long as you are equipped with the proper techniques and products that will help deliver a clean streak free window.

Even professionals know how mentally exhausted as well as time-consuming properly cleaning a car window can be. But what they also know is that while many individuals try their best to come up with a way to correctly clean the window, most are far too focused on what type of cleaner to buy when the emphasis should instead be placed on proper technique and a high-quality cloth.

Car Windows: A Tale of Two Stories

Cleaning a car window can be referred to as a tale of two stories thanks to the fact that the outside of the window is facing a variety of elements from nature while the inside of the window is much more protected from these sorts of things.  The ensure a window is completely clean is proper to acknowledge the differences between the inside and outside of a window and how that will affect your strategy relating to cleaning it.

Mentioned previously, the outside of automobile window is exposed to the weather as well as a large amount of water, dirt, and other debris. The level of impact these can have on the window can be determined by how the glass was created and its inherent quality. The same can be said about the inside of the window besides for what it is exposed to. Plastics, rubber, vinyl, and other materials like this that are commonly found in gar “out-gas” over time which can lead to film build up. This term is what is used when describing the processes of these materials releasing chemical gasses when exposed to heat, air, and UV lighting.

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Four Tips for Cleaning your Auto Glass

Your windows and windshield are often the first thing to show signs of dirt on your car. Here are a few tips to keeping your auto glass streak free and sparkling clean all year round.

  1. Choose a good Auto Glass cleaner. The most important thing when cleaning your auto glass is the cleaner itself. When choosing a product there is a few important things to keep in mind. Avoid products containing ammonia and alcohol, these products can not only be dangerous to inhale but also damaging to your car. Ammonia can cause damage to the interior of your car, drying out leather and other fabrics, as well as the tinting on your windows. Avoid using household cleaners on your auto glass almost all of which contain ammonia or alcohol.


  1. Choose a good towel. After the cleaner comes the towel. It is important to use the proper towel to avoid leaving streaks or scratches on your window. Choose a glass cleaning microfiber towel, many of which can hold up to 8 times their weight in water, are lint free, and won’t hold onto dirt and other debris like other towels which causes scratches. Also remember to use a separate towel (or separate side of towel) to clean the window and another to buff to make sure you get rid of all the residue.


  1. Find a good place to clean. Where you choose to clean your auto glass may also make all the difference. Avoid washing your windows in direct sunlight or very hot conditions. If you are cleaning in direct sunlight the glass could dry quicker than you are washing resulting in a streaky appearance. Also make sure you are cleaning in an open area, either outside or with the windows open if you are in a garage, to avoid inhaling dangerous fumes.


  1. Clean in order. When cleaning your car make sure your glass is the last thing you clean in order to avoid recontamination. To avoid getting spray other places than intended spray the cleaner directly onto your towel rather than the glass. Also don’t forget those tricky places like the top of your windows, try rolling down your windows half way to reach the very top of them. Another area that is often over looked is the wipers, wipe them down with a damp cloth and white vinegar to avoid blurry spots from your wipers.


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