The modern automobile is a marvel of human advancement, design, and technology. Auto glass has developed alongside the automobile, becoming stronger, safer, and smarter over time. Automotive safety advancements such as collision avoidance and lane departure systems depend on windshield-mounted cameras to record accurate information. Some vehicles use sensors on their windshields that detects rain and automatically turns on your wipers. Moving forward, windshields will also be used more for active windows display and HUDs. Active window displays will be able to integrate with Apple and Android devices to show pertinent information to the driver directly on the windshield.

At Carolina Windshield Centers, all of our auto glass technicians are well-versed in the latest and upcoming auto glass technology. We will always identify any existing technology integrated with your windshield to make sure we use the properly equipped windshield for your replacement. Our predictive software will ensure that your new windshield has the correct technology for your vehicle. Our technicians work with the software to make sure the perfect windshield is picked for your vehicle. The inventory at our shops is constantly updating with new windshields so that all of your auto glass technology is transitioned seamlessly with your windshield replacement.

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