driving during hurricane season

5 Tips for Driving During Hurricane Season

Hurricane season is officially upon us and residents across the Carolina’s are preparing for storms and worst-case scenarios. When it comes to driving in these storms throughout hurricane season, it’s crucial to always be prepared and keep these tips in mind.

Be Aware of Your Surroundings

When you’re driving through rain and high-wind speeds, it’s crucial to be aware of your surroundings. Large trucks, trailers, buses, and motorcycles are more vulnerable during bad weather so keep your eye out for them on the road and make sure to leave them ample space when driving.

Keeping an eye out for standing water on roadways is also extremely important. If you are able to, avoid driving through standing water on the road. If you can’t avoid it, take precautions and never try to drive through more than 12 inches of moving water.

Slow Down

Even if there’s no standing water on the road, it’s still possible to hydroplane. Hydroplaning can occur in as little as 1 1/2 inches of water and can cause your vehicle to veer off of the road. To avoid hydroplaning, slow down and avoid taking any sharp turns.

Don’t Use Cruise Control

The last car feature you want to be utilizing during a storm is cruise control. Cruise control can actually increase your chances of hydroplaning and by driving normally, you can reduce your risk of hydroplaning by lifting your foot off the accelerator to reduce vehicle speed and loss of traction.

Be Prepared

Driving during a hurricane can come with its fair share of unexpected emergencies. Always have a first-aid kit, emergency bag filled with clothing, snacks, water bottles, and any other important items, and keep them in your vehicle in case you need to evacuate quickly. Always keep your gas tank filled in the days leading up to the expected landfall of the hurricane.

Don’t Drive at All

If you can, avoid driving during any severe storms or hurricanes. This is your only way to ensure your safety. Ride out all storms inside and stay off the road for a few days after the hurricane.