How long does a windshield replacement take?

The windshield replacement process at Carolina Windshield Centers generally takes an industry-low two hours. This includes replacing the windshield and the wait time required for the adhesives to fully set.

The actual windshield replacement work takes about one hour. This includes removing the old windshield, clearing out any broken glass, and sealing in the new OEM windshield in with our Sika brand urethane adhesive. This service takes one hour in one of our shops or on location.

After the windshield replacement is complete, we require you to wait one hour for the Safe Drive Away Time. The Carolina Windshield Centers one hour Safe Drive Away Time is an industry low wait time. After the adhesive is applied at 180 degrees, it takes one hour for the adhesive to cool and completely set with the strongest seal.

For more information about our windshield replacements, contact our Charlotte, NC auto glass shop at 800-900-1505.

How to Keep your Windshield Healthy Over Time

When you drive away from Carolina Windshield Centers, your new (or repaired) windshield is as strong and safe as possible. However, over time, your windshield will eventually be compromised and crack. You can avoid letting this happen too quickly by being smart with your auto glass. Here are a few tips to follow in order to keep your windshield in good condition.

  • Avoid slamming your car doors. Not only is this bad for your car doors, but this is actually quite damaging to the auto glass in your car. The reverberations cause small amounts of damage every time the door is slammed.
  • Intense heat is also very bad for your auto glass and windshield. Whenever possible, you should park in shady areas. Additionally, it is not good to expose your auto glass to quickly changing temperatures. If you windshield already has a crack in it, avoid turning the heat on to the windshield during the winter. This can stress out the crack and make it even worse.
  • Whenever cleaning your auto glass, avoid using ammonia based cleaners. These are damaging to your auto glass and can make the tint of the glass much less strong. And always use a microfiber towel so that you will not leave any scratches on the glass while you clean it.

The key to keeping your auto glass safe is to avoid extreme temperatures, use the right cleaning products, and avoid slamming your car doors.

Carolina Windshield Centers is a leading auto glass repair shop. For more information about our windshield replacement services, contact our Charlotte, NC auto glass shop at 800-900-1505.

What Types of Vehicles can Carolina Windshield Centers Service?

The windshield is an important safety feature for all vehicles out on the road. The windshield helps protect the driver and passengers in accidents because it is a key structural component. It helps protect the cabin in front-end collisions; in some cases helping to absorb 50% of the force. In a similar respect, auto glass in general is important for the vehicle’s overall security and safety. Auto glass is important for many different types of vehicles’ safety and security systems. The is why Carolina Windshield Centers provides auto glass repairs and replacements for the following specialty vehicles: tractor trailers, buses, and motor homes.

Tractor trailer auto glass replacement requires specialized skill and equipment that Carolina Windshield Centers can deliver. Semi trucks spend many miles on the road, making the likeliness of damage that much higher. Our mobile repair technicians can travel to your trucking headquarters to deliver the services for your convenience.

We also provide auto glass repair and replacement services to buses. Auto glass for buses is an important part of their security system. Many buses use laminate or safety glass; our repair technicians are trained to service this glass effectively. Cracked or chipped auto glass can easily be broken further if the damage is not addressed right away. We service school buses, public transit buses, and coach buses with high-quality auto glass repair and replacement services.

We also service RVs and motor homes with auto glass repair and replacements. Auto glass is an essential part of keeping your motor home secure. You do not want to leave any chipped or cracked glass in your motor home, especially if you are to be heating or air conditioning the RV. Motor home windshields are particularly expensive as well. Get your windshield repaired as soon as damage starts to develop in order to avoid a full replacement.

Carolina Windshield Centers is a leading auto glass repair shop. For more information about our windshield replacement services, contact our Charlotte, NC auto glass shop at 800-900-1505.